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Sonny's Smoothie Bar

Smoothies, Juices, & Bowls

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Protein Packed

Our smoothies come with a wide range of flavors. All smoothies come in one sizes served in 24 ounces. Having that amazing taste every smoothie should have, with a scoop of protein to help hit protein goals. All smoothies are served with a non-fat yogurt base or ice cream base.

With the option of a supplemented dairy free option. Not only can you enjoy our great smoothies but also add in your daily essentials. Such as multi vitamins, daily greens, creatine, and so much more.  

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Fresh Snack

Our bowls are the best of both worlds. Offering a fresh and delicious option for a little snack throughout the day. The bowls consist of 4 different bases, with premade styles of the bowl along with the option to build and customize your own bowl. Select bowls are dairy free and topped with your favorite toppings.

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